IDF Response to Flotilla Investigation Team’s Conclusions

The IDF received the report of the committee tasked with investigating the flotilla incident on May 31st 2010, and its findings are now being reviewed. The conclusions and findings of the report will be taken into consideration in line with all operational and legal aspects, and appropriate findings will be implemented.

It must be stated that prior to this report, the IDF conducted comprehensive operational investigations in the various forces, branches and directorates. In addition, a senior team headed by Maj. Gen. (Res.) Giora Eiland, was appointed to investigate the incident and has already published its findings and conclusions.

The IDF emphasizes that the Gaza Strip is still a terror zone, managed and run by Hamas, which invests its resources in arming itself with the assistance of the extremist regime in Iran. The communities of Southern Israel still face rockets fired from the Gaza Strip on a daily basis.

For further information, the original report can be viewed here.

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