Palestinian Gunman Attacks IDF Position, Killed By Return Fire

The Terrorist's AK-47 Rifle

The gun used by the Palestinian terrorist when charging at the IDF position

This morning, a Palestinian gunman opened fire at an IDF position located in the Menashe Regional Brigade, near the city of Jenin. Roughly fifty meters from the IDF position, the gunman yelled ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and opened fire at the soldiers. The soldiers responded with a warning shot in the air and when the gunman continued shooting the soldiers returned fire, killing the terrorist.

Major Itamar Ashkenazi, the Deputy Commander of the 97th Battalion (whose soldiers were involved in the incident) described the incident as follows:

IDF Position Charged by Gunman

The IDF position charged at by the Palestinian terrorist

“The gunman approached the IDF checkpoint on a donkey, got off and started walking towards the checkpoint. The soldiers identified the gunman approaching them, and when he was about 50 meters away he began shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then started shooting. Our forces fired a warning shot in the air and then when he didn’t stop, they shot and killed him.”

Maj. Ashkenazi also noted that while no IDF medical personnel confirmed the gunman’s death, soldiers in the field identified him as dead before the Red Crescent claimed his body.

The incident occured near Jenin in the West Bank at a IDF security point on the road leading to the community of Mevo Dotan.

In total four soldiers were involved in the incident, two of whom used their weapons to neutralize the gunman. The gunman, who was in his 20s, did not have any additional weapons on his person. The incident is being reviewed by the military.

Area Gunman Charged From

The area from which the Palestinian gunman charged at the IDF position

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