IDF Terminates Military Career of Soldier Involved in Hebron Incident

GOC Central Command, Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi, has officially concluded the investigation of the arrest operation in Hebron on January 7th, during which five active Hamas members were arrested and civilian Amr Qawasme was regrettably killed.

Maj. Gen. Mizrahi cocluded that the initial firing at Qawasme was done following a suspicious movement that caused the soldier to feel that his life was threatened, especially having known about the actions of Wael Bitar, a senior Hamas operative who was the main suspect of the arrest operation. Maj. Gen. Mizrahi concluded that this firing was executed in accordance with IDF rules of engagement.

Maj. Gen Mizrahi has also been presented with the results of the inquiry into the matter of a second soldier, who, having watched the first soldier firing at Qawasme, began firing at him as well. Maj. Gen. Mizrahi concluded that while the second soldier did feel threatened, he acted unprofessionally. Therefore, Maj. Gen. Mizrahi has ordered that the soldier’s military term be terminated.

The IDF deeply regrets the death of Amr Qawasme.

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