IAF Opens New “Eitan” UAV Squadron to Operational Use, 21 December 2010

The “Eitan” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Squadron opening ceremony took place on the Tel-Nof IAF Base yesterday, December 20th 2010.

The “Eitan” UAV was developed by the IAF and Israel’s Homeland Security Industry, and was officially integrated by the IAF in February 2010.

This new development signifies yet another breakthrough in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles for the IAF, and constitutes an improvement in operational capabilities responding to threats, be they near or far, routine or emergent.

The inauguration of the new squadron is yet another step for the new system in becoming operational.

The Tel-Nof IAF Base Commander, Brigadier-General A, said: “Several minutes ago we unveiled the squadron flag. For the IAF, the term “squadron” embodies values- the value of norms, of operational abilities, of tending to people, developing weapons systems and many other areas. But most of all the term “squadron” embodies the values of responsibility. The responsibility to fulfill the expectations of Israeli citizens, to fulfill our operational goals, and the responsibility for our people and for the ongoing preservation of our legacy”.

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