Summary of the Events of the Carmel Forest Fire

On the 2nd of December 2010 a blazing fire began spreading wildly through the Carmel Forest near Haifa in northern Israel, eradicating over 750 acres and resulting in the death of 44 people including firemen, police officers and Israel Prison Service cadets who were on their way to evacuate inmates. Firefighting delegations from around the world rallied to help Israel stop the spread of fire including planes and helicopters from Greece, Bulgaria, Cypress, Britain, Turkey, Russia, France, Italy, the US and Switzerland.

The IDF sent forces to assist in the fight including forces from the IAF, thousands of soldiers, hundreds of vehicles, dozens of engineering machines and military firefighting vehicles. The efforts went on for days until the fire was finally extinguished on the 5th of December.

Below is a summary of the Carmel forest fire incident, including background information on the Carmel region and Israeli firefighting services.

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