The ‘Irene’ en route to Ashdod Port, boarded by Israel Navy without incident, 28 Sept 2010

IDF naval forces boarded the yacht “Irene,” and it is currently being led to the Ashdod seaport along with its passengers.

The boarding occured without incident and no violence of any kind was used by either the passengers onboard or the Israel naval forces.

Prior to boarding the yacht, the Israel naval ships transmitted two warnings to its captain, making him aware that they were in danger of breaking both Israeli and international law. These warnings were ignored by the captain and the boat’s passengers; they continued to sail further into the area under naval blockade. Consequently, Israel navy forces intercepted and boarded the ship.

The IDF regrets that it must divert the Israel Navy’s attention from its regular operational activity defending Israel and its citizens because of acts of provocation such as this.

The Irene

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