Wanted Tanzim Militant Who Took Part in Several Attacks Against IDF Forces Arrested Today, 25 Aug 2010

In a joint IDF-ISA-Israel Police operation earlier today, Steven Anbatawai, a wanted Tanzim militant from Nablus, was arrested. Prior to his arrest, Anbatawai had been released from prison as part of a pardon agreement, but has since violated the terms of the agreement several times.

The arrest was made in the area of Al-Badhan, north-east of Nablus, after Anbatawai had left Nablus, violating the terms of his release. He was taken for questioning by the ISA.

Anbatawai, born in 1987, was involved in a series of attacks against IDF forces during the Second Intifada.

Anbatawai was arrested together with Wazir Isa, born in 1990, a Tanzim activist from Nablus, who was assisting him.

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