IAF Commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, Departs to Bucharest, Romania, 12 Aug 2010

IAF Commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, departed a short while ago for a special visit to Romania, following the ‘Yasur’ (CH-53) helicopter crash two weeks ago, on July 26th, 2010. Maj. Gen. Nehushtan, accompanied by his colleague, the Romanian Air Force Commander, is to fly to the scene of the crash in the Carpathian Mountains and visit the area. In the afternoon, the IAF Commander and a special Israeli delegation  from the ‘Yasur’ helicopter array and the 669 rescue unit will join the Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres at the Jewish synagogue in Bucharest for a ceremony in commemoration of the Israeli soldiers killed in the crash.

The Romanian Jewish community, Romanian senior officials and representatives of the Romanian military and air force will attend the ceremony as well.

In the evening, the IAF Commander and Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres will attend a dinner hosted by the Romanian President.

Tomorrow, Maj. Gen. Nehushtan, the Israeli President, and the members of the delegation will participate in an official ceremony in commemoration of the holocaust victims of Bucharest and will meet with the Romanian Chief of the General Staff.

The delegation is due to return to Israel on Friday afternoon.

Participants of the delegation include a ‘Yasur’ helicopter pilot, a senior aerial mechanic, a 669 rescue unit officer, the commander of the technical FLT of the ‘Yasur’ squadron, an additional aerial mechanic and an officer responsible for joint exercises between the IAF and foreign air forces.

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