Recent Incidents on the Israel-Lebanon Border, 5 Aug 2010

The following is a list of recent incidents that occurred along the Israeli Lebanese Border since 2009:

Rocket Launches:

08.01.09 – Three rockets were launched from the area of Tir Harfa. The remnants of two rockets were identified in Nahariya and in Kibbutz Metzuba. Two civilians were lightly wounded in Nahariya as a result. In response, the IDF fired five 155mm shells.

14.01.09 – Two rockets were launched from Rachaya Al Foukhar toward Qiryat Shemona. No landings were identified in Israel. The IDF responded by firing four shells at open territories east of Al-Hayam.

21.02.09 – Rocket fire from the area of Al-Mansouri into Israel. As a result, one rocket landed near Ma’alot, and the second landed in Lebanese territory. The IDF responded by firing eight shells.

11.09.09 – One rocket was launched from Al-Kalila and landed near  the Haziv Bridge. The IDF responded by firing 12 shells at the source of the fire.

27.10.09 – Katyusha rocket lands west of Kfar Blum. The IDF responded by firing seven shells towards Wadi Jamal.

Additional Incidents:

During 2009, 11 incidents of additional terrorist activity were reported in the region.

Also throughout 2009, five incidents in which weapons were aimed at IDF forces by the LAF were reported.

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