Warrant Officer, Israeli Civilians Arrested for Suspected Ties to Lebanese Drug Dealers Connected to Hezbollah, 30 Jun. 2010

Based on intelligence data, an intensive investigation has been carried out over the past few months by the Military Police Special Investigations Unit in cooperation with the Central Galilee Unit of the Israel Police. It is suspected that an IDF warrant officer and a number of Israeli civilians were in contact with Lebanese drug dealers so as to smuggle drugs over the border.

According to the investigation, it is alleged that the warrant officer passed on military-security information to Lebanese drug dealers, connected to the Hezbollah terror organization.

Other suspects were also arrested for passing on critical information to the same Lebanese sources.

Israeli civilians involved in the case will be indicted by Israel’s Northern District Attorney in the coming days.

Regarding the warrant officer, when the investigation will be concluded, its findings will be passed on to the IDF Military Advocate General’s Unit.

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