Mike, Diagnosed with Stage 5 Leukemia en route to Miami Hospital, 22 January 2010

Mike, a four year old Hatian boy, who was brought to the IDF field hospital in Port-au-Prince this morning by his father because of vomiting and weakness. Mike, his two siblings and his parents had been living on the street since the earthquake because their house was destroyed.

Dr. Amit Assa ran blood tests, and diagnosed him with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, most likely M5. Given the diagnosis, Mike will most likely need chemotherapy and probably a bone marrow transplant.

Because the IDF field hospital is not equipped to deal with such long-term and complex treatments, and because his condition was urgent, we tried to find an organization to arrange for him to go to the United States and recieve treatment there. There was an overwhelming and rapid response from many different individuals and organizations, and a few hours ago a group called “God’s Planet” came to the field hospital to pick up Mike and take him to Miami Hospital where he will be recieving treatment for his cancer.

Mike, with his father and Dr. Ran Sagi and Dr. Amit Assa

Mike, age 4, diagnosed with Leukemia, will be treated at Miami hospital

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