Urgent: Mike, 4, needs treatment in the US, ASAP

Mike, a four year old child was brought into the IDF field hospital today.  We ran a blood test and discovered he has Lukemia, and if he isn’t treated in a proper hospital he will die.

The IDF field hospital in Haiti does not have the equipment or the resources to transport this child to a proper hospital in the US. We need someone or some organization arrange to take him to a hospital in the US and pay for the treatments. This is very urgent, he needs to start receiving care immediately.

Details from Dr. Amit Assa:

The boy came in because of vomiting and weakness. A blood test was taken and he was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Most likely M5. Dr. Assa predicts that he will need Remission Induction (Chemotherapy) and probably a bone marrow transplant.
He has a family (mother, father, 2 siblings) and their house was destroyed so they are currently on the street.

Please e-mail any information to: IDFinHaiti@gmail.com

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