Head of IDF Medical Corps on Preparations for Haiti Aid Delegation

Brig.-Gen. Nachman Esh, Head of IDF Medical Corps on Preparations for Aid Delegation to Haiti

14 January 2010

In a briefing earlier today, Brig.-Gen. Nachman Esh, the head of the IDF Medical corps discussed the preparations for the IDF aid delegation to Haiti.

Summary of key points:

  • Delegation is scheduled to depart this evening at 20:00, arrive in Haiti on Friday and open hospital on Saturday.
  • Delegation prepared to treat trauma patients, and the IDF is currently preparing and loading all of the necessary medical cargo.
  • IDF will set up a field hospital with a surgical room.
  • 121 medical staff including 40 doctors, a gynecologist, pediatrician, and other medical specialists.
  • 100 additional personnel
  • Field hospital will be able to treat 500 people a day, and between 40-50 emergency care patients
  • Field hospital expected to be in the area of the capital, Israeli delegation which departed yesterday currently coordinating so that aid may be delivered effectively.
  • IDF delegation currently planning to stay for 2 weeks.
  • The size of this delegation is roughly the same as the one the IDF sent to Buhj, India in 2001 after the earthquake there.

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