Brig. Gen. Kobi Barak Appointed Head of IDF Operations Division, 3 Jan 2010

January 3rd, 2010

Newly Appointed Head of the IDF Operations Division

Today, January 3rd, 2009, Brig. Gen. Kobi Barak was appointed the Head of the IDF Operations Division during a ceremony held at the Rabin Base at the IDF Headquarters in Tel Aviv. Maj. Gen. Tal Russo, Chief of the Operations Branch was present at the ceremony along with other senior officers.

Brig. Gen. Barak will be replacing Brig. Gen Aviv Kochavi who had held the position for two years and three months.

During the ceremony, the Chief of the Operations Branch, Maj. Gen. Tal Russo said: “During Aviv’s term, the Operations Branch continued to strengthen the IDF’s operational dominance, its use of force and the building up of its strength. Different operational plans have advanced, procedures have been established, the environment within the division has progressed and the IDF’s preparedness in dealing with the challenges of war has substantially increased.”

The newly appointed Head of the Operations Division, Brig. Gen. Barak said: “2010 holds great challenges for the IDF and the State of Israel. The Operations Branch will continue to fearlessly lead the operational staff of the IDF and if need be, will fulfill its role in times of emergency in an honorable and professional way.”

Outgoing Head of the Operations Division, Brig. Gen. Kochavi said: “This land has known numerous wars and operations, and in all of them the performance of the high command and the General Staff was naturally emphasized. In order to learn from past lessons and in order to function as a relevant and efficient body, we have set up a central goal: We will not only piece together an operational overview and it will not suffice us to serve only as the General Staff’s control board, but we will be an initiating and proactive body, one that realizes changes and opportunities, and creates a status assessment apparatus which will strengthen the quality of decision making and the IDF’s effectiveness and will strengthen the efficiency of how they are carried out.”  

Brig. Gen. Kobi Barakhas extensive combat and operations command experience. He also has a BA in Mechanical Engineering and an MA in Political Science.

Brig. Gen. Aviv Kochavi spent the majority of his service in various command positions within the Paratroopers Brigade.  Prior to becoming the Head of the Operations Division, he served as the Commander of the Gaza Division. He has a BA in Philosophy, as well as two MA degrees.

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