IAF Hits Hamas Smuggling Tunnels, 28 Jan 2009, 09:45 IST

January 28th, 2009

IDF hits Hamas Smuggling Tunnels in Response to the Attack that killed an IDF Warrant Officer

IAF aircraft recently hit a number of Hamas smuggling tunnels on the Southern border of the Gaza Strip. This was in response to the attack against an IDF force in the area of Kissufim on the morning of January 27th, in which one IDF Warrant Officer was killed and three other IDF personnel were wounded, including one severe injury, when Palestinians detonated an explosive device against an IDF force patrolling on the Israeli side of the Gaza Strip security fence.

Yesterday evening, IAF aircraft, using intelligence provided by the ISA, attacked a terror operative in Khan Younes, who was prominent in the organization accountable for the attack in Kissufim.

The IDF sees Hamas as accountable for preserving the peace in Israel’s southern villages and will respond harshly to any attempt of undermining it.

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