IDF Targets Senior Hamas Leader, Summary of Today’s Events, 15 Jan 2009, 22:10 IST


January 15th, 2009

IDF Targets Senior Hamas Leader Said Siam

Summary of Today’s Aerial Attacks

In a joint IDF and ISA operation in Gaza City early Thursday evening, the IAF targeted a building in which the following senior Hamas operatives were residing – Said Siam, Ia’ad Siam and Salah Abu-Sharah. The forces reported a direct hit.

Said Siam, born in 1959, served as minister of interior affairs in the Hamas government and oversaw its armed forces – including the Hamas Executive Force, its police force and its naval force. Siam was a zealous extremist, who liaised directly with Hamas’ military wing and the terror organization’s senior leadership in Gaza and abroad. Ia’ad Siam is the brother and right-hand-man of Said Siam. Salah Abu-Sharah is the head of Hamas’ interior security apparatus.

Approximately thirty five armed gunmen were hurt in the fighting today. Ground forces directed aerial and artillery forces that attacked different targets. In one of the incidents, forces came under RPG fire, returned fire and identified hitting the armed gunmen.

Since the early morning hours the IAF has attacked over 40 targets, including nearly a dozen armed cells, 21 rocket launching points, 2 mortar launching points and 2 weaponry storage sites.

More than 25 rockets were launched into Israel today.

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