Summary of Overnight Operations, 14 Jan 2009, 08:35 IST


14 January 2009

Summary of IDF Operations Overnight


IDF forces—including Infantry Corps, Armored Corps, Engineering Corps, Artillery Corps and Intelligence Corps – continue to operate throughout the Gaza Strip with the support of the Israel Air Force and the Israel Navy.


The IAF attacked approximately 60 targets in Gaza overnight, including:

  • Hamas police headquarters in Gaza City
  • An area rigged with explosive devices intended for detonation against IDF forces
  • Five rocket launching sites, including a squad of gunmen who fired mortar shells into Israel. Three gunmen were identified to have been hit
  • Eight cells of gunmen, some in coordination with Ground Forces
  • Nine weapons manufacturing and weapons storage facilities, including one in the home of a Hamas operative in Gaza City
  • Approximately 35 weapons smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip

The Navy continued to support ground forces operating in Gaza, striking Hamas targets. The IDF continues to enforce the naval blockade in the area.


Six soldiers were wounded in ground operations throughout the night. In one incident, two officers were moderately wounded and an officer and two soldiers were lightly wounded when they were fired upon by gunmen. Soldiers returned fire and hit the assailants. Another soldier was lightly wounded in a second incident. 

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