Summary of Operations Since this Morning, 14 Jan 2009, 15:45 IST


Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 3:45 PM


Summary of IDF operations since this morning


104,000 liters of fuel and 111 humanitarian aid trucks are now in the process of being transferred into the Gaza strip via Kerem Shalom Crossing.


More than 12 Qassam and Grad rockets were fired from Gaza today at Israeli communities, including Grad rockets that hit the Be’er Sheva area and the Ashdod area.


The IAF struck the Grad launcher that fired at Be’er Sheva. Overall, approximately 20 terrorist sites were attacked by the IAF since this morning, including:

  • Nine rocket launching sites, most of them armed and ready for launch and some of them located underground
  • A number of armed operatives
  • Three smuggling tunnels
  • Five weapon storage facilities

IDF ground forces in the Gaza strip reported a number of ground clashes with armed operatives today. In one incident, Paratroopers Brigade forces on a reconnaissance mission identified a suicide bomber. The forces fired and hit the suicide bomber, detonating the explosive belt. No harm was reported to the IDF forces.


In another incident, an armed operative was identified in close proximity to an IDF tank force. The force fired and reported hitting the operative.


In a third incident, Combat Engineering Corps forces, in a joint operation with Armored Corps forces uncovered a stockpile of 20 rockets inside a civilian house in Gaza City. The rockets were detonated in a controlled manner.


In a number of additional incidents, ground forces identified armed operatives and assisted in directing aerial strikes against them.


The IDF will continue its operations against all terrorists and those who support them.


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