Summary of Today’s Events, 11 Jan 2009, 22:02 IST


January 11th, 2009

Summary of IDF Operations Today


IDF forces operating in the Gaza Strip shot and hit more than 40 armed gunmen over the past day. Ground forces clashed with gunmen in various incidents throughout the day. In several cases, ground forces directed the Air Force in targeting armed operatives who were firing at them. Meanwhile, paratrooper forces uncovered weaponry, camouflage uniforms and communications equipment during searches.


We continue to face an insane reality of booby-trapped tunnels and booby-trapped schools. In one neighborhood of 150 homes, over 30 homes were found to be rigged with explosives,” IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Avi Benayahu said. “Hamas is booby-trapping every home that is abandoned by its residents.”


Armored forces hit various weapons storage facilities, some of them located in the homes of terror operatives. In one case, a tank squad identified a group of gunmen planting an explosive device, fired and confirmed hitting them.


The IAF targeted nearly 60 Hamas targets in Gaza throughout the day, including:

  • Over 20 smuggling tunnels along the Rafah border
  • Approximately 15 cells of armed gunmen
  • Seven weapons production and storage facilities
  • Several rocket launching sites, including the launcher used to attack Be’er Sheva in the morning

 Among approximately 20 rockets and mortar shells launched into Israel today, one Grad missile directly hit a kindergarten in Ashdod, causing severe damage.


There were no IDF casualties in the fighting today.

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