Summary of Overnight Events, 11 Jan 2009, 08:24 IST


January 11th, 2009

Summary of Overnight Events


Overnight, IDF forces, including infantry, tanks, combat engineers, artillery, and intelligence, continued to operate against Hamas terrorist infrastructure throughout the Gaza Strip.


Ground forces were involved in a number of incidents in which several armed gunmen were hit.

In one of the incidents, forces identified a group of armed gunmen and directed aerial forces who attacked them. In a separate incident an IDF force in the northern Gaza Strip identified an armed gunman placing an explosive device and fired at him.


IAF aircraft attacked over 60 targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including the following:

  • A mosque in the city of Rafah used for storing weaponry such as machine guns and sophisticated anti air-craft missiles. The mosque was also used as a training camp and a gathering place for Hamas members.
  • 10 weaponry storage facilities, some in houses of Hamas members.
  • 10 squads of armed gunmen
  • 9  tunnels used to smuggle weaponry in the Rafah area
  • 3 launching areas
  • An  under ground rocket launcher
  • The house of the Head of Hamas’ military wing, Ahmed Jabri
  • A Hamas police station

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