IAF Strike on Mosque used as Weapon Storage Site, 2 Jan 2009


January 2nd, 2009

Mosque Used as Hamas Weapon Storage Site Struck

Late Thursday night (Jan. 1), the IAF struck a mosque in Jabaliya used as a terror hub by the Hamas terror organization.

The mosque was used as a weapons storage facility for a large amount of Grad and Qassam rockets and additional weaponry.  The strike set off a lengthy series of secondary explosions and a large fire caused by the ammunitions stockpiled in the mosque.

The mosque was also used as a operations center for Hamas, as a meeting place for Hamas’s operatives and a staging ground for terror attacks.

The IDF will continue to attack any target used for terrorist activity, and will not hesitate to strike those involved in terrorism against the citizens of the State of Israel, even if they deliberately choose to operate from locations of religious or cultural significance.

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